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Fertility Checklist

Fertility Checklist

Questions related to fertility to ask your cancer care team before starting treatment

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  • What can be done by me or my significant other before starting my cancer treatment to increase the likelihood that I will be able to have children?
  • Will I enter premature menopause after treatment? If I become menopausal after treatment, is it likely to be temporary or permanent?
  • Are there alternative ways or medications to treat this cancer that reduce the risks of damage to my reproductive system?
  • Would any of these options make my treatment less effective? After treatment, how will I know if I am infertile or fertile?
  • Do I need to talk to an OB/GYN doctor or fertility specialist in addition to my cancer care team to understand my fertility options?
  • I am interested in freezing eggs or embryos. Is this an option for me? Could you please give me more information?
  • I am interested in sperm banking. Is this an option for me? Could you please give me more information?
  • I stopped having my period, but could I still get pregnant? Should I be using birth control?
  • For how long will we need to prevent pregnancy during cancer treatment? Are condoms the best method for us?
  • My partner is pregnant. Is there any special reason to avoid sex during my cancer treatment?
  • Now that my cancer treatment has ended, I would like to have children. Is it OK for us to try to become pregnant?
  • Will my insurance pay for fertility preservation procedures?

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