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Living with cancer
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... a platform to empower your journey as you negotiate cancer and the changes it brings in your life. A platform to help you build resilience in your most vulnerable times and one that nudges you at all times to prioritize  your life over your disease.


As your doctor helps you fight your disease, we at (un) cancer aim to help ease your journey through the treatment and recovery stages till you get back to your best life. It is our attempt to help you (un)do the stress and anxiety surrounding your cancer treatment and simplify routine decisions related to it.


Created by board certified physicians and allied health professionals with extensive experience in cancer management, we endeavour to provide meaningful support to you and your caregiver.


We look forward to partnering with you.

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The (un)cancer Blog



Not knowing what you or your loved ones need at different points of a cancer journey can be confusing and overwhelming. Our checklists are categorized so you can access a comprehensive list of all the products you need at every stage and for every need.

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