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N&V Management Diet Checklist

N&V Management Diet Checklist

Diet management tips to control nausea and vomiting

  • Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day to decrease the strain on your stomach. Use plastic cutlery to avoid bitter metallic taste from metals
  • Sip fluids slowly and maintain good hydration levels
  • Try tart foods, such as lemons or pickles
  • Eat dry foods such as crackers, breadsticks, or toast throughout the day in small quantities to manage nausea
  • Avoid strong food, cooking odors and drink smells that can make you feel queasy. Try eating more cold foods and avoid heating up leftovers before you eat them to avoid gag response
  • Sit up for 1 hour after eating. Keeping your head up helps reduce nausea as does rinsing your mouth after eating
  • Suck on hard candies such as ginger, peppermints or lemon drops if your mouth has a bad taste. Ginger especially, can be used as a tea, as crystallized ginger or in foods to help with nausea
  • Do not skip meals and snacks; having an empty stomach makes nausea worse
  • Sip only small amounts of liquids during meals to avoid bloating
  • Limit or if possible, avoid spicy, fried, or greasy foods. Foods containing a lot of added fat

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