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N&V Symptoms Management Checklist

N&V Symptoms Management Checklist

Practical ways for managing nausea and vomiting

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  • Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable
  • Relax before each cancer treatment
  • Keep a record of when you feel nausea and why
  • Talk with your doctor about the use of anti-nausea medications
  • Take your anti-nausea medicine at the first signs of nausea to help prevent vomiting
  • It is best to take these medications about an hour before eating. This will help you maximize how much you can eat and allow you to enjoy your meal more
  • While waiting for your nausea medicine to work, relax and take slow, deep breaths
  • Consider alternative therapies such as acupuncture and aromatherapy
  • Mind-body practices such as hypnosis, mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga may help decrease your symptoms

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