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Nail Care Checklist

Nail Care Checklist

Tips to maintain healthy nails during cancer treatment

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  • Moisturize your nails and cuticles regularly
  • Keep your nails clipped short
  • Use gloves when doing dishes, cleaning and gardening
  • Keep your hands and nails clean to help avoid infection, but avoid bathing in very hot water. Take your own sanitized tools if you go to a salon for a manicure
  • If you do your nails at home, sanitize your footbath and tools
  • Do not use false nails, gels or other acrylics during cancer treatment, as they may increase the risk of infection
  • It is ok to wear nail polish, but opt for water-based nail polish and polish remover without harsh chemicals such as alcohol
  • If your toenails are affected, wear well-fitted shoes to cushion them

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