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Bone Health Discussion Checklist

Bone Health Discussion Checklist

Bone health related questions to ask your doctor

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  • When should I have a bone mineral density test (DXA)?
  • Will any of my cancer treatments or medications weaken my bones?
  • Should I have a blood test done to measure calcium and vitamin D?
  • What are my bone density test results and what do they mean for me?
  • What is my risk of having a fracture?
  • Is there anything I can do to strengthen my bones?
  • Are there exercises that I should avoid?
  • Are there bone-strengthening medicines that may help protect me from breaking a bone?
  • Are there tests or exams I should have before starting a bone-strengthening medicine?
  • If I consider a medicine for my bones, what are the benefits and risks?
  • What is my risk of a serious bone complication or skeletal-related event (SRE) from metastases?
  • What are “bone mets”?
  • Are there ways to manage the risk of SREs?
  • What treatments are available for SREs?

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