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Clinical Trial Checklist

Clinical Trial Checklist

Questions to address before enrolling in a cancer clinical trial

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  • Are cancer clinical trials safe?
  • How will participating in a trial benefit me?
  • Will being part of a trial change my day-to-day life?
  • How much will the trial cost me?
  • Will the trial drug make me feel worse or hurt more than I currently feel?
  • Will participation be an additional burden on top of what I’m already going through?
  • Are there many trials available for the type of cancer I have?
  • How do I decide which trial is the best for me?
  • What are the possible benefits of this trial?
  • What side effects might I experience?
  • Have any other trials been done with this drug/treatment on people with the type of cancer that I have?
  • Will I know if I’m getting the trial drug or standard-of-care treatment?
  • Are there any biomarkers I should be tested for? Could that help me qualify for personalized clinical trials or therapies?

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