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Genetic Testing Preparation Checklist

Genetic Testing Preparation Checklist

Questions to ask during your pre-test counseling appointment

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  • How likely is it that I have a BRCA 1, BRCA 2 mutation, Lynch syndrome or another cancer-related mutation?
  • What is the testing process like and how long does it take to get answers?
  • Does the test provide information about my risk for other diseases besides cancer?
  • If I test positive for a cancer-related mutation, does that mean I am going to be diagnosed with cancer?
  • If I test negative for a cancer-related mutation, does that mean my cancer risk isn’t higher than average?
  • Is it possible for my results to be uncertain or indeterminate? What does that mean?
  • If I’ve been diagnosed with a certain type of cancer, can genetic testing help predict whether the cancer comes back?
  • How does knowing my cancer risk help my family members? How should I advise them?
  • Will you also talk to my family members about their risk based on my results?
  • Does health insurance pay for the test? Can my insurance company increase my rates if I test positive?
  • Are there support groups for my type of genetic risk that I can join?
  • Will the counseling include risks that the mutation may have to my fertility?

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