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Neuropathy Management Checklist

Neuropathy Management Checklist

Effective ways to lessen the impact of neuropathy

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  • Use gloves to protect your hands when doing yard work or household repairs
  • Be extra cautious with sharp objects
  • Use well-padded potholders when cooking
  • Clean up spilled water or liquids right away, so you do not slip and fall
  • Use dishes that do not break easily, in case you drop one
  • Inspect your fingers and feet regularly for cuts and scrapes
  • Check the weather and wear gloves and warm socks in cold weather
  • Wear shoes with a rubber sole both inside and outside
  • Always use cold water first and gradually move to warmer water — you can also check the water temperature with another part of your body
  • If you cannot feel the gas pedal or brake, do not drive
  • Avoid walking on uneven surfaces
  • Keep floors clear of throw rugs, cords and other obstacles.
  • Consider handrails in stairways or grab bars in bathtub or toilet
  • Put rubber mats in the tub or shower so you do not slip
  • If you need one, use a cane, walker or wheelchair
  • Set the water heater in your home between 105-110 degrees
  • Keep dark areas well lit and use a night light as needed

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