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Post Chemo Skincare Checklist

Post Chemo Skincare Checklist

Skin care related questions to ask your cancer care team after chemo

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  • Ask what skin-and nail related side effects are common for the type of cancer treatment you are receiving?
  • Ask how you can prevent any chemo related skin issues before they start
  • Ask if there are any skin issues you should watch out for that would need urgent medical care
  • Ask if these skin issues will resolve on their own after chemotherapy ends
  • Ask what brands of soap and lotion to use or avoid using on skin and nails
  • Ask if there are any specific fabric detergents that are formulated for post chemo skin care
  • Ask if you will need a humidifier for dry skin
  • Ask if there are any vitamin or mineral supplements that can help improve chemo related skin changes
  • Ask for a dermatologist referral so you learn more about how to prevent or manage skin problems

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