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Day of Surgery Checklist

Day of Surgery Checklist

Preparations to make for the day of your surgery

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  • Ask your care team for pre-surgery directions including diet and precautions
  • Ask about when you should stop taking your regular medications prior to surgery. Fill any prescriptions you will need after surgery
  • Ask your surgeon if it’s safe to take ibuprofen or aspirin, vitamin E or herbal medications that you may have been taking previously
  • Ask a friend or caregiver to drive you to surgery, and home
  • Ask or arrange for assistance for household chores and meal preparation at least for the first week when you get home
  • Avoid tight clothing, wear comfortable, loose clothing to the surgery
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses, wear your glasses instead on the day of the surgery
  • Avoid wearing any metal objects. Remove all jewelry, including body piercings. The equipment used during your surgery can cause burns if it touches metal
  • Avoid using any lotion, cream, deodorant, makeup, powder, perfume, or cologne on the day of surgery
  • Avoid using a tampon if you are menstruating, use a sanitary pad on the day of the surgery
  • Avoid shaving or waxing for at least a week before surgery
  • Avoid shaving underarms if you are scheduled for breast surgery. Shaving with a razor can nick the skin. This increases the risk of getting a wound infection

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